When was the last time you had your chimney inspected?

Our experts at Chimney Cricket Las Vegas recommend that you have your chimney inspected at least once every 2-3 years. Call today to schedule a chimney inspection.
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    Chimney Cricket Las Vegas takes pride in helping homeowners throughout Las Vegas, NV protect their homes from chimney and dryer vent fires. We offer best-in-class chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning, as well as maintenance and repairs. Our focus is always on the safety of your home and your family. Count on us for a job well done, every time!

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Founder of Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweep
The dangers of chimney creosote buildups and dryer vent clogs cannot be understated. As leading causes of house fires each year, it’s important to have these areas of your home cleaned thoroughly by trained and qualified professionals. To make sure the job is done right, be sure you’re calling Chimney Cricket Las Vegas! For decades we’ve been hard at work protecting our local-area homeowners, offering chimney sweeping in Las Vegas, NV, alongside a host of other services designed to keep your chimney free and clear of any dangerous elements. We remove soot and ash buildups before they become major hazards, as well as trapped animals and other debris that could be clogging up your chimney.

Our experience as a first-class chimney sweep in Las Vegas, NV also qualifies us to address your dryer vents, where we remove dangerous lint buildups and other clogs. We go above and beyond when offering services, making sure your vents aren’t just clean, but also in good condition and free of any damage. And, if there are issues, count on us to fix them! We can provide repairs to both dryer vents and chimney caps, helping you prevent dangerous situations from arising now and for the long-term.

Our mission is your safety—let us prove it to you today.

  • All of our chimney techs were trained by a master chimney sweep with over 34 years of chimney sweeping experience.
  • Your family’s safety is our biggest concern and we always make sure to perform cleaning and repair services to the highest possible level.
  • We offer humane animal removal, for all of those situations when an animal gets stuck in your chimney or fireplace. We have experience removing birds, rodents and cats.
  • In addition to chimney sweep services, we also provide dryer vent cleaning, to help you avoid dangerous lint buildups and potential house fires.
  • Owner Don Fisher is the Founder of Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweep, bringing you best-in-class chimney cleaning and maintenance services.

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Protecting Your Home

Don’t let creosote chimney buildups or dryer lint put your home in harm’s way. Contact Chimney Cricket Las Vegas for top-notch chimney and dryer vent cleaning and maintenance!

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