December 27, 2018

Happy Customer

"My fireplace is an all wood burning fireplace built in the 80's and has what's known as "prefabricated" brick panels. Four panels in total - bottom, back, and sides.Upon purchasing my home I knew I had a crack in one of the panels (the back one) per the inspection prior to moving in. The inspector made it sound as if you could just head on down to Hone Depot, pick up a new panel, and slap it on in.Ohhhhh hell no. That is NOT the case at all. Here in Vegas, NOBODY sells these panels. You have to go outta state, order a large panel slab, have it shipped for a ridiculous amount of money because they're HEAVY, then cut it to size yourself with a diamond blade saw of some kind.I must've called 50 people locally over the course of a year - chimney sweepers, fireplace "specialists", and the like. When I say nobody wanted to deal with my problem, I mean NOBODY. Just so many lazy people/businesses out there.Step in, Chiminy Cricket. A gentleman named, Don. First off, the ONLY person who had any clue of what I really needed done, but beyond that, the only person who was actually willing to come out to my place and get the job done. He happened to have a panel on his truck and was able to cut it to size, throw my fireplace back together again nut and bolt, then performed a chimney sweep/clean. The stuff that came outta the chimney was incredible. There's no telling the last time my home chimney had been given any TLC.Right now, as I type this, I finally have a nice fire burning for the first time in my home. My dog curled up in front of it. No need for a heater and I can't be any happier right now (unless Agent P Carter from Marvel knocked on my front door)."
July 2, 2018

" Don was early and did a great job with no mess. The chimneys are clean and no longer a fire hazard. I will use him again and recommend his services. Thanks Don !! "
April 24, 2018

Great service

"Excellent work, very punctual, a pleasure to do business with!!!!"
December 7, 2017

"Great job on increasing the height of our chimney to reduce down drafting problems! - 5 Star Review"
May 3, 2017

"Jack of Chimney Cricket of Las Vegas was so punctual, so polite, so thorough, so clean, and so amazing! Don't waste your time looking for chimney service!!! Jack is your chimney go to guy!!!"
Chimney Cricket Las Vegas